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  environmental water treatment Landfill waste composting Hydrocarbon bioremediation Restores the ecological balance Environmental biotechnology applied to winery waste water

Aqua-culture ammonia reductions Waste degrading bacteria Suppliers for organic shrimp, prawn farming, fish culture
  • Congested primary pond
  • 2 weeks after dosing a change can be seen in the pond
  • After 4 week further improvements are noted
  • 8 weeks into the treatment and the ponds are restored.
Enzymes and microbes to reduce oil Cold water microbes for waste degradation in the winter months  
  • Desludging of a poultry farm primary sewage pond 1 week after dosing
  • Oxidation pond after 4 week dosing with WT200
  • After 8 week mechanical desludging was postponed





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