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BioExport Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and acquisition of microbial products to serve the environment. The company was established to develop and supply environmentally sound, microbiological products to resellers around the world at cost effective rates. Biological decomposition is an on-going process within the environment, carried out by billions of naturally occurring, living micro-organisms that use organic waste matter as their food and energy source. Organic waste and sewage bioaugmentation. Environmental Biotechnology at work

Our products are blends of these bacteria that are specially selected for their capability to mineralise a number of organic substances. The organisms present in our products exhibit a higher preference for particular organic compounds and have superior remediation capabilities. Organic pollutants are first liquefied and then converted into CO2 and water.

The various product lines meet the needs of the municipal and industrial, institutional and household markets with regards to the treatment of organic wastes and effluents. Each of our standard product blends is formulated to perform a specific function. We do however have the ability to develop and customise blends to deal with other areas of organic pollution.

We have a close working relationships with various manufactures in different parts of the globe, each of whom contribute to our wealth of knowledge. All materials used in the manufacture of our products are biodegradable and non toxic to the environment or humans.

All our products can be distributed, applied and disposed of in a safe manner.
The application of industrial biotechnology is an undisputed, environmentally friendly and cost effective means by which you will be able to build and expand your business.


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