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Become a Distributor

BioExport Limited is looking for distributors and resellers around the world. We are appointing companies that: Degrade contaminants at low temperatures

  • Are active in, and have an in depth knowledge of their local market with regard to biotechnological solutions.
  • Are able to perform marketing activities and support the product in their local market.
  • Are prepared to build their own brand and product identity.
  • Are willing to build a long term relationship with BioExport Ltd.

We have developed various programs to cater for different customer requirements from providing finished packaged products to part finished products in water soluble bags (WSP) to manufacturing concentrates, ready for dilution and resale under your own brand name. Please see our product offerings page.

To request more information about our distributor/reseller program, please send a mail to distributor@bioexport.co.uk. You will be contacted by a representative of BioExport Ltd. to discuss your requirements.


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