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Pit latrine and septic tank treatment
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ornamental pond sludge reduction
Sewage wastewater treatment at low temperature

This product was designed to initiate and accelerate the natural decomposition process. CT100 is used to improve composting of municipal, agricultural, and household organic waste matter.

There is a direct relationship between the rate of decomposition and time. By improving the rate of decomposition CT100 will enable you be able to reduce the time taken to turn your unwanted organic waste into usable humus for resale.Oxidise ammonia in the effluent


  • Improved the biodegradation of garden refuse and other green wastes into fertile humus. The product is sold to recycling operations run by local municipalities or to regional landfill sites.


  • Reduces composting time by 20 to 50%.
  • Reduces unpleasant compost odours.
  • Is non-toxic to humans and animals and is fully biodegradable.

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