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Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, control foaming, sludge, and odours
Grease digestion and reduced grease trap cleaning
Biochemical process enhancement
Bilge treatment of hydrocarbon waste oil
Biologically oxidize ammonia and prevent fish poisoning
Remove the grease cap from anaerobic digesters
Accelerate the biodegradation of fruit processing waste
Restore pond aesthetics and kills algae
Conform to ammonia discharge limits
Psycrophyllic microbes for cold weather waste treatment

GT200 will breakdown animal fats and vegetable oils and has been successfully used in treating waste water arising from various food processing facilities. This product has been used in municipal sewerage pumping and lift stations where fats and organic oils are a concern.
Reduce discharge penalties

  • Meat and poultry packing, cheese manufacturing, dairy processing and rendering facilities have all benefited for the use of GT200.
  • This bacterial product was developed to target and eliminate wastes like unsaturated fat, vegetable and fish oil, milk, starch and protein.
  • Minimise the impact of floating oils and greases that cause operating upsets in wastewater treatment plants.


  • Decreasing the unsightly build up of animal and plant grease and fat residues.
  • Preventing the channelling, blocking and possible collapse of filter-bed media.
  • Enhancing BOD and COD removal.

GT100 consists of bacteria cultures that produce enzymes specially engineered to degrade animal fats, vegetable oils, grease and reduce odours.
Unclog drains blocked by cooking fats

  • This product is used for grease trap maintenance in restaurant kitchens, fast food outlets and hotels.
  • GT100 will accelerate liquefaction and digestion of grease, soap scum in showers and sink drains, and other organic matter in drains and septic tanks.


  • Frequency of grease trap pump out is reduced which means a reduction in plumbing costs.
  • Eliminates bad odours emanating from the grease receptors.
  • Ensures drains remain free flowing by preventing FOG blockages.



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