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Biochemical sewage treatment
Biotransformation of organic compounds, nitrogen and phosphorus
Accelerate the biodegradation of organic waste
Reduce hydrocarbon discharge penalties
Supplies for organic shrimp, prawn farming, fish culture
Applied biotechnology to dairy waste
Microbiological processes utilised in the treatment of  winery wastewater
River Remediation
Keep plant ammonia levels within discharge limits
Improve cold weather nitrification

LT100 was designed to perform decomposition and digestion of the biomass (sludge) that builds up in wastewater treatment lagoons and holding ponds. It reduces BOD and odours resulting from unbalanced anaerobic activity, thus achieving an ecological balance and more efficient waste reduction.

ApplicationsBlue-green algal growth

  • Silt accumulation in municipal, agricultural, and domestic wastewater lagoons and holding ponds is reduced.

  • River or canal remediation and natural sludge removal. This reduces the frequency of expensive mechanical dredging.

  • Destroys algal blooms in industrial settling ponds.

  • Improves water quality and clarity in recreational lakes.


  • Eliminates suspended solids, bottom sediments and liquefies solid wastes

  • Increases the pond, lake or holding dams capacity as the bottom sludge is mineralised.

  • Algae control is achieved by out competing the algae for the limited nutrients available.

The product was formulated to perform decomposition and digestion of the sludge that builds up in the bottom of both natural and man-made ponds and lakes.  It restores pond aesthetics and the ecological balance without the use of mechanical dredging.

ApplicationsAlgal bloom on small water course

  • The product has been used in golf course water hazards and other country club ponds.
  • Murky water and algae proliferation in decorative fountains has been reduced by out competing the algae for nutrients required for their growth. 
  • Ornamental fish ponds and smaller garden ponds in hotels.


  • Discourages the formation of most surface algae.
  • Decreasing the sludge which robs the water of essential oxygen
  • Removes the source of offensive odours
  • Makes ponds easier to clean out reducing labour costs.
  • The product is environmentally safe.

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