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  Milk processing waste Heavy ammonia consentrations reduced


Rendering facilities waste
Biodegrade oils and greases
Green wastes into fertile humus
Neutralise components of crude or modified petroleum
Closed aquaculture tanks and open holding ponds
Minimise the impact of floating oils and greases
Reduces BOD, COD
restore polluted lakes and water courses
Improves plants cold weather performance and discharge

The product was formulated for the biological treatment of wine, fruit and vegetable waste waters. Treatment of these seasonal waste waters is challenging as they usually have a low pH due to presence of organic acids and are high in ethanol and sugars that contribute to the high BOD.Biological Winery effluent waste treatment


  • Winery effluent COD/BOD levels associated with the crush, draining and pressing, distillation, barrel washing and bottling processes can be reduced by up to 70%.

  • The pre-treatment of winery, fruit and vegetable process effluent, prior to spray irrigation to minimise environmental and ground water pollution.

  • The treatments of aerobic facultative lagoons receiving fruit process wash down wastewater.


  • Reduces BOD, COD and TSS of the treated effluent. A reduction in COD is often accompanied by a rise in pH.

  • Reduce sewer charges by lowering the BOD of the wastewater

  • Digests effluent material before it can become anaerobic, thereby eliminating bad odours.

  • Reduces the organic load in receiving sewage plants.

  • Eliminates excessive slime caused by out competing the filaments.

  • Enhanced biological recovery from shock upsets like pressed liquor intrusion or caustic cleaning processes.

  • Reduce sludge production in holding tanks and lagoons.


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